Friday, 24 August 2018

Last post of 2018: overview

An overview of this summer's studio

work: 26 gouaches, on light kraft paper (77x88), 3 on steinbach (110x73), a few smaller formats on cardboard ("On est jamais assez pauvre.").
The photos are too blue, but it couldn't be helped.
Tried to arrange them chronologically, but got into a layout muddle.

Attained a grain of freedom, and got somewhat more acquainted with the medium.

Back to the other work soon. That can't be helped either. Next year.

 zomer 18.20

 zomer 18.19

 zomer 18.25

 zomer 18.7

 zomer 18.8

 zomer 18.17

 zomer 18.26

 zomer 18.24

 zomer 18.23

 zomer 18.22

 zomer 18.21

 zomer 18.16

 zomer 18.15

 zomer 18.14

 zomer 18.13

 zomer 18.12

 zomer 18.11

 zomer 18.10

 zomer 18.9

 zomer 18.6

 zomer 18.5

 zomer 18.4

 zomer 18.3

 zomer 18.2

 zomer 18.1

zomer 18.0

Monday, 20 August 2018

Last post of 2018 (?)

Moi je cherche le moyen de capituler sans me taire - tout à fait.

Samuel Beckett

Mild and humid southwestern breeze, sky overcast. Hazy to the point of making the horizon invisible, which made this last expedition of 2018 all the more melancholic (hence the desperate, paltry question mark in the title). The first hazy morning of summer, and the last.
O for the fogs of autumn!

Next summer.









Monday, 13 August 2018

Silence and nothingness

Every word is like a stain on silence and nothingness.

Samuel Beckett

Not a productive morning.
Waited a long time for it to get light enough. Blueberry pie and coffee for breakfast. Chilly, humid southern wind. Started to rain around 7.
Not particularly interesting as to light/space.
No matter. Try again.